Customs and Immigration

International EU and common travel area (CTA) flights

The London Heliport is designated a Certificate of Agreement aerodrome with no permanent presence of the approving agencies at the London Heliport. Pre-notification of International EU and CTA flights (Irish Republic, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man) must be made to UK Border Force and UK Police National Ports Office as required under the provisions of the Terrorism Act 2000. within the lead times specified:

GAR Advance NotificationCTAEU
Outbound from EGLW12 hours2 hours
Inbound to EGLW12 hoursminimum 2 hours

The primary responsibility for supply of information to the approving authorities for these flights lies with the aircrew or aircraft operator. Representatives of the approving authorities may elect to attend flights of interest depending on the nationality or visa-status of individuals on board or assessments made based on information provided. If satisfactory submissions have not been made and clearances obtained from the relevant authorities within the defined timescales or if an incomplete or inaccurate declaration has been made:

  • The aircraft may not be given permission to land or could be required to divert to a designated airfield where approval agencies are present
  • The aircraft, passengers and aircrew may be delayed in their onward journey pending attendance of staff of the approving agency for document or other supplementary checks.

Submission of flight information may be made in two ways:

Provided the London Heliport is advised within the advance notification lead times set out in the table below in accordance with the UK Border Force National Frontiers Approval Unit terms specified in the London Heliport Certificate of Agreement approval the advantages of online GAR submission include:

  • Notifications including those for short notice early morning flights (and late amendments) can be made close to the prior notification deadlines direct to the approving authorities. Provided a copy of the online clearance delivery receipt has been forwarded with sufficient notice, London Heliport can be advised, if necessary, outside of normal heliport operating hours.
  • Operators of CTA flights will be deemed to have successfully discharged their reporting obligations and a separate clearance from the UK Police Ports Office will not be required provided they can demonstrate that they have submitted an online GAR in accordance with submission guidelines available