Noise Complaints

  • A helicopter that has been circling above an area for a prolonged period is more than likely to be the Police helicopter or Air Ambulance.  Helicopters departing and taking off from the Heliport will not circle over a populated area.
  • The Heliport has limited operating hours, if the helicopter is flying before 07:00 and after 23:00 it will be nothing to do with us.  The operating hours can be found here (Opening Times | London Heliport | Enabling helicopter travel for 50+ years)
  • The air traffic control zone for the Heliport is a circular radius of 2 nautical miles centred on the heliport.  Anything outside of this area is outside of our control and is managed by NATS at Heathrow. Further details can be found here (Environment | London Heliport | Enabling helicopter travel for 50+ years) along with our Fly Neighbourly Policy.
  • The Heliport does not own or operate any helicopters, if you have a complaint about the actions of a helicopter please send your complaint to the operator.

If you still wish to make a complaint, please provide as much information as possible about the helicopter causing disturbance.

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