Helicopter Charter

Business or pleasure?

Business Charter

Helicopter travel between the major UK business centres and into Europe is growing fast. London, not surprisingly, is a major centre for business helicopter charter operations. The benefits of business helicopter charter are very real:

  • Avoid the stress and time wasting of road traffic congestion and unreliable rail travel

  • Avoid the stress and time wasting at airport check-in queues and with flight delays

  • Achieve multi-site meetings around the UK and still be back for that vital evening dinner appointment

Pleasure Charter

Travel in luxury, anywhere, any time. Whether you are going to a major public event, organising a wedding or trying to avoid the traffic, a helicopter is the ultimate way to arrive. In summary the benefits of helicopter pleasure charter are:

  • Collection from your home or near your office

  • Fly into the centre of London for that special day

  • Fly to the races, Cowes Week, or consider golf tours by helicopter perhaps in Scotland or Ireland

  • Rapid transit to a shooting or a fishing destination

  • Take a sightseeing trip over London

We can even arrange a helicopter trip as a special gift for someone close to you. Indeed, whatever the nature of your helicopter flight, our experienced operations team will organise everything on your behalf:

  • Point to point transportation

  • Catering to suit your requirements

  • Landing sites arranged and permissions gained

  • Exclusive helicopter breaks